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Keep track of your documents, add expiration reminders, schedule appointments, and set alerts for due dates.
Never miss a deadline or events as our calendar app.
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Remindax Features

Track Documents

With Remindax, not a single day goes by without you noticing. We give you seamless tracking of your documents and keep you updated of the progress so far.

Expiration Reminders

Some renewals are critically important compared to the others. Be it licenses, certificates, or contracts, Remindax has got you covered with its expiration reminders.

Never miss a date again

With Remindax's calendar widget, your important dates and events are always at hand. It's simple and powerful, just like it should be.

Always in Control

Manage all important dates professionally and hassle-free. Track appointments, due dates, social events and day-to-day tasks seamlessly in one app and focus on the things that really matter.

Increase Followups at Scale

Remindax is the simplest, fastest reminder tool for SMBs to quickly and efficiently manage their expiration and due date reminders.

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