Getting better by 1% a day is impossible

Getting better

Even getting 0.1% better a day is a huge improvement. In a 365 day period you would get 1.4 times better than you were before!

While this may seem doable and realistic, in ten years time this increases to becoming 38 times better than you were before, which is utterly unrealistic.

Changing the percentage, regardless of making it higher or lower, still has this exponentially increasing, unrealistic effect.

And people often misunderstand the meaning of this.

Make the difference between getting better overall and the expectations you have of yourself.

We have these expectations of ourselves that we must improve tremendously today to even have a shot at getting what we want, and it’s just not true.

Most of us would not even be satisfied with getting 10% better a day, when even 0.1% would get you way above and beyond where you wanted to go.

And it makes sense. It is possible to get better every day, but if you told someone they could only get better by 0.1%, albeit more realistic, it would not entice many people to try.

That is why most people talk about improving by just 1%, because it is a small but effective image, albeit being unrealistic.

Most of us simply have no idea what it really means to improve and how much of a difference just a small, steady improvement would make.

A 1% improvement a day is an enormous and too unrealistic improvement.

What is more realistic, and still just as valuable, is to say that the improvement you make, no matter how small, will make a difference.

If you make a 0.01% change today, and a 1% change tomorrow and maybe a 0.00000001% change the next day, it will still exponentially increase over time.

It does not matter how big the improvement is, what matters most is that there is an improvement, for even the tiniest of changes will lead to gigantic steps later on.

Sadaqat Ghafoor

Sadaqat Ghafoor

CEO & Founder @Remindax