Remindax, the lean startup for expiration reminders

Being founder of Remindax, i truly believe that ideas alone are nothing. Having a great business idea is just a fraction of the actual size of that business. Some people think that having a great idea is the key to success. They think that having a unique idea will always leads to a greater business or product. It might be true in some cases but in most cases it is not.

Solving the Problem


Every successful product or business actually solves a problem. How big is your idea depends upon how big is the problem you are solving.

I always think of something which may not change the world but yes at least solves a problem most people have. Being born & brought up in UAE, I was very familiar with the life style and everyday problems faced by people in this part of the world.

In early 2013, I was managing my small business for a couple of years then. Managing my company and my employee’s documents were a daunting task. And when the number of employees increased, the document management task becomes more complicated. This problem is not only faced by businesses but individuals as well.

At that time, we were a family of four. Me, my wife & our two sons. We all together have 16 documents which expires every year or two & I always have to keep an eye on lots of expiration dates. Initially I solved this problem with excel spreadsheets like most of us do. But it was not the perfect solution around. I have to open excel spreadsheet every few days to check for any upcoming expiration date. There are over a million families living in this country and all of them must be having the same expiration date management problem. After discussing with few friends & other businesses, I decided to write my own software application.

The First Launch

The first version of Remindax was up and running by August 2014. Initially only my own company’s employees have access to Remindax application. No one else has access outside of our company. After a successful six months & many updates, Remindax became a must have tool for our business. We could not imagine to go back to excel spreadsheets. It was doing so well for us that I’ve decided to open it for general public use.

Deep inside I always wanted to help others to solve the very same problem I have. So, we launched it as a completely free service. With no marketing plan & advertising budgets, we started getting a lot of traffic from search engines. Within few weeks more than 200 small & medium enterprises signed up and actively using Remindax services.

We Always Listen

One thing that keeps us moving forward is the appreciation and valuable feedback from our customers. We always remained open for suggestions and comments from our community. I must admit that, where we are today is the result of honest feedback and suggestions of our customers. Remindax has improved a lot over the time and kept going better and better. The more we listen, the better we become. It’s that simple.

Finally, our customers were proud to share Remindax with their friends and coworkers. Word of mouth began to spread, and new users started to sign up at a pace we hadn’t seen before.

So, What’s Next?

We hope you join us on this journey. You can always register for a Free for Life account. Our support team is always active to assist you in any matter.
I will be writing more updates about this journey very soon.

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Sadaqat Ghafoor

Sadaqat Ghafoor

CEO & Founder @Remindax