Follow these steps to create a new sub-user.

  1. One the left menu, Click Users
  2. Next, click on + New User button.
  3. In the new user window, enter user’s name & email address. Click Save User
  4. The new user will receive an email with instructions to activate his/her account.
  5. In the next screen, you can select access permissions for this user.
  6. You can grant multiple companies access to a single user. Just Select Company and set its permissions.
    Permission types:
    View: view certain pages
    Create: create a document, reminder or contact
    Update: modify an existing document or reminder
    Delete: delete a document, drive file or contact
  7. Once you have selected permissions, click Save Permissions button.

In the user list, you can perform more actions:

Multi user

  • Edit Name: Here you can edit user’s name.
  • Permissions: After creating a user, click on Actions and select Permissions. Here you can define user’s access level. Select View/Create/Update/Delete depending upon the users access level.
  • Disable User: You can disable any user created by you. The Disabled user may not be able to login.
  • Delete User: You can delete any user created by you. This option will remove the user from your account permanently. The user will not be able to login again.

Video Tutorial – Create new user & set permissions