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Remembering so many expiration or due dates could be a hassle and daunting task. Remindax remembers all your document expiration or due dates and sends email & SMS alerts.

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Expiration Alerts

Remindax is a web based expiration date reminder system. Remindax keeps track of all of your document expiration dates. It helps you manage document renewals, payments and important due dates in a holistic dashboard. It sends you email and sms alerts when any one of your document is about to expire.

Email & SMS Alerts

Get email alerts right in your email inbox. Setup alerts for your contacts book for people who matters to you. SMS/Text alerts are generated when your defined expiration date is near.

Multi User Management System

Create unlimited sub-users within your account. Define access permissions for each user. The sub-users may perform only permitted actions defined by you.
The Multi User Management System is designed to deligate your work and improves productivity.

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Remindax is a feature rich web application

Find What's About to Expire

See what's about to expire. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what's happening with your expirations right now.

Multi User

Create unlimited users within your account and define their access levels. Improve your productivity & save time.

Email Notifications

Get email alerts right in your email inbox. Setup alerts for your address book for people who matters to you.

SMS Notifications

SMS alerts are generated when your defined expiry date is near. SMS alerts are available for premium members only.

Multiple Recepients

Schedule alerts for multiple recepients.
Build your own contact list for easy operations.

Calendar View

Get a snapshot on all of your upcoming expiration dates. Visual view gives you quick look on important dates.

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