Document Expiration Alerts

Remindax is a web based expiration date reminder system. Remindax keeps track of all of your document expiration dates. It helps you manage document renewals, payments and important due dates in a holistic dashboard. It sends you email and sms alerts when any one of your document is about to expire.

Growing Customer Base

16,430 Customers

On Average Sending 3,000 Reminders Everyday

8,117,907 Reminders in Queue

Custom Fields

Customize fields as per your own requirement. Add, edit or delete any field whenever you want.

Account Dashboard

View all your account activity in one place. Dashboard gives you a snapshot of all of your document expirations.

Contact List

Manage your contact list of people who will receive reminders.
Email and SMS alerts for your contacts to stay updated.

SMS Alerts

Schedule SMS alerts to stay updated of approaching expiration/due dates.

Follow up

Setup your follow up alerts. Select your time zone to get alerts on your local date & time.


Calendar view gives you a quick look of all of your upcoming document expiry dates.

Document Types

Define your own unlimited document types to make it more personal.


Your data is highly secured & encrypted by industry standard SSL and backups.


Easily attach your document scan image for your reference. Document image is sent as email attachment.


Import or Export your data in MS Excel format.

Time Zones

Set your time zone to get Email/SMS alerts in your local time. You can also choose the alert time.