7 Best Appointment Reminder Software

Appointment reminders are a tool businesses such as medical offices, spas, and wellness practitioners use to notify customers of upcoming services and reduce no-shows. There are many software programs available for businesses that automate this process. We looked at dozens of appointment reminder software programs evaluating prices and features to arrive at the best overall.

Top 7 Appointment Reminder Software of 2022

Remindax – Best overall Appointment Reminder Software which is affordable and has multiple integrations

Square Appointments – Appointment reminder software with built-in point-of-sale integration.

Appointment Reminder  – Small businesses that want customised reminder templates.

ReminderCall.com – Businesses that want to send phone call reminders.

10to8 – Businesses that need to coordinate appointments with multiple providers, locations, and rooms.

MINDBODY – Holistic health and wellness businesses that want appointment reminder software with integrated online booking.

Stericycle Communications – Medical practices that also want an answering service.

How We Evaluated Appointment Reminder Software

In addition to reminding clients, customers, or patients of upcoming appointments, appointment software helps businesses save time and money. For example, by reminding customers of appointments ahead of time and confirming details, medical providers, spas, and salons can cut down on missed appointments and therefore missed revenue. We examined appointment reminder software that offered clear communication over multiple channels at an affordable rate.

Specific criteria we used to evaluate appointment reminder software include:

  • Price – We looked at how much each software costs, including monthly fees and any per-reminder fees.
  • Confirmation Methods – We looked at what type of reminders each software can provide, including text, email, and phone calls.
  • Reminder Response Options – We looked at whether or not customers are able to respond to their confirmation message to confirm or reschedule the appointment.
  • Integrations – We considered software programs that can integrate with other business management solutions like point-of-sale systems and CRM systems.
  • Ease of Use – We looked at the software setup and how easy the software is to navigate for businesses and customers.

Best Overall Appointment Reminder Software: Remindax


Remindax is a reminder tool that caters to businesses and professionals. It allows users to send reminders on multiple platforms including text messages, email, WhatsApp and Slack, depending on the context and preference of the recipient. It allows you to gradually build a phonebook which works like a database of sorts. Furthermore, you can use it to send reminders on auto-repeat for frequent recipients or clients. You can also attach pictures, documents and other files to the reminders and send them effortlessly. 

Remindax Pricing

Remindax offers several pricing plans depending on the number of items you want to track. Here are the plans on offer: 

  • Starter Plan – $19 per month, 100 tracked items
  • Basic Lite – $29 per month, 200 tracked items
  • Basic Plus – $39, 300 tracked items
  • Basic Pro – $49, 400 tracked items
  • Premium Lite – $79, 500 tracked items
  • Premium Plus – $99, 1000 tracked items
  • Professional Lite – $149, 2500 tracked items
  • Professional Plus – $249, 5000 tracked items

Remindax Features

Remindax is a useful tool for businesses that are looking to reduce no-shows and decrease admin work when it comes to scheduling appointments. A strong selling point of this software is its flexibility: it has a plan for everyone, no matter what their budget or how wide-ranging their requirements. Its convenient features such as cross-platform reminder system, calendar scheduling and address book make it ideal for both small and large teams. 

Remindax has many features including:

Ease of Use

Remindax is extremely easy to use because it is designed with a layperson in mind. The web-based app is user-friendly; it requires no technical knowledge for one to use it successfully. Remindax allows users to send automatic and recurring reminders, create an address book, send attachments, maintain an online calendar, and store documents in a secure cloud. 

Confirmation Methods

Remindax sends reminders on various channels or platforms including emails, text messages, Slack and WhatsApp. It works seamlessly in the apps and you can personalise your messages as well. 

Reminder Response Options

The  recipients of email reminders can accept a reminder notification by clicking a link sent through email to stop further alerts. 


Remindax has an in-built calendar where you can track all the list of reminders, upcoming or sent before. It also provides an integrated address book that you can gradually build. It also has an effective import/export feature through which you can transfer CSV files and migrate your data in bulk. Furthermore, it ensures complete security and reliability through cloud backups on Amazon AWS, Microsoft and Google. 

What Remindax Is Missing

Remindax does not provide the function of sending reminders through voicemail or phone calls. It also does not offer integration with third-party scheduling tools such as Calendly or Sprintful; the feature of self-booking or cancelling appointments online is not on offer. However, you can work around this limitation by making effective use of the inbuilt address book and calendar.   

What Users Think About Remindax 

Remindax has garnered favourable reviews from its users. With its multi-tiered pricing plans, ease of use and multi-platform reminder system, it provides enough flexibility to be of use to various businesses, no matter their size or industry. It offers a free trial so users can try it out without paying a dollar before deciding to invest in it. 

Affordable all-around Appointment Reminder Software

Square Appointments

Square Appointments is an appointment reminder software that operates within Square’s larger point-of-sale system. Square Appointments offers text and email reminders with free scheduling tools and calendar integrations, and can help you track customer data. Square Appointments is, therefore, our top choice because it is free for sole proprietors and works seamlessly with Square POS.

Square Appointment Pricing

Square Appointments is free for businesses with one service provider. For businesses with two to five employees, Square Appointments is $50, which is an average price. Square is $90 for businesses with six to ten employees, which is on the pricier end. Square is billed on a monthly basis so businesses can cancel anytime.

Square Appointment Features

The entire Square platform is popular among small business owners because it is easy to use and most of the basic features are available for free, whereas most other software providers charge a monthly fee. Square Appointments offers basic text and email reminders and a customer-facing feature to reschedule appointments starting at $0/month.

Square Appointment has many features including:

Ease of Use

Square is extremely easy to use for employees and customers. Appointment reminders are automatic, which is standard across all of our top appointment reminder software programs. Square tracks and stores customer data in their free directory feature, which is unique. From a customer’s perspective, Square lets customers book, confirm, and reschedule appointments, all through the app.

Confirmation Methods

Square sends text and email reminders, but not phone calls or voicemails. ReminderCall.com is the only non-industry-specific provider to offer text, email, and phone calls. Square includes appointment details like the service provider’s name in the confirmation message. Businesses and their customers can also access their appointments, purchase history, and tipping options directly through their account on the Square app.

Reminder Response Options

Customers can respond through the app to change or cancel appointments, instead of having to call the business themselves. Most of our chosen appointment reminder software systems offer some type of two-way communication or the ability for customers to reschedule their own appointments.


Square Appointments has a unique, built-in appointment booking and calendar feature. Since Square Appointments is connected directly with Square POS, our recommended best POS system for retail, businesses can require customers to enter a credit card number when booking so that Square can automatically charge cancellation and no-show fees. Square also has in-house CRM, loyalty, ecommerce, and marketing solutions.

Text message appointment reminder from Square Appointments

What Square Appointments Is Missing

Square Appointments does not offer phone call reminders. They also do not offer customization options like multiple reminder templates or the ability to change the app’s appearance to fit your business brand. If you are looking for these options, Appointment Reminder or ReminderCall.com might be a better fit. Square Appointments is also very expensive for larger businesses, starting at $90/month for over five employees.

What Users Think About Square Appointments

Overall, reviews for Square Appointments are very positive. Some reviewers wish there were more customization options, and think that the price is a little high for larger businesses. Visit our full Square Appointments Review Page to see more feedback.

Best Appointment Reminder Software for Custom Templates: Appointment Reminder

Appointment Reminder is an automated appointment reminder software that has custom reminder templates with text and email reminders with options for customers to confirm appointments or complete questionnaires. Appointment Reminder is the best option for businesses looking for custom reminder templates because it includes unlimited built-in options at a competitive price.

Appointment Reminder Pricing

Appointment Reminder starts at $19/month for 100 reminders and has tiered pricing for businesses that need additional reminders, but can get pricey for businesses that need a lot of reminders. All levels have the same features including unlimited users and unlimited calendars, as well as text and email reminders.

Appointment Reminder’s different pricing levels are:

  • $29/month for 400 reminders
  • $49/month for 800 reminders
  • $89/month for 1600 reminders
  • $149/month for 3200 reminders
  • Customised plan

Appointment Reminder Features

Appointment Reminder includes text and email reminders. The text reminders help ensure customers don’t forget appointments, and the custom emails are perfect for providing extra details like parking information or the cancellation policy. Appointment Reminder is a great solution for businesses that want complete control over what the reminders say and when they are sent out.

Appointment Reminder has many features including:

Ease of Use

Appointment Reminder is very easy to set up. The software is designed for plug-n-play use for busy offices. The servers connect with your existing appointment booking software so appointments and customer information sync automatically. Businesses can control what types of reminders are sent, when they are sent, and what they say, which is an uncommon feature for the price. Customers can confirm appointments by replying to texts or emails.

Confirmation Methods

Appointment Reminder offers text and email reminders, but not phone calls, which is a feature offered by ReminderCall.com. However, their website says the text message reminders deliver a 90 percent open rate. The email reminders work with your existing email client.

Reminder Response Options

Since businesses control what the appointment reminders say through custom templates, they can ask customers to respond to confirm appointments, allowing the service to be more interactive than other reminder programs. For example, customers can respond “Yes” to text reminders or reply to email confirmations with more detailed information.


Appointment Reminder works directly with the business’ existing calendar, CRM, and email software. Appointment Reminder has specific plug-ins built for Google Calendar and Outlook. For businesses that don’t have an online calendar, Appointment Reminder has a free Web Calendar feature that you can use to book and manage appointments.

Sample text reminder from Appointment Reminder that asks the customer to take action to confirm.

What Appointment Reminder Is Missing

Appointment Reminder does not offer phone call reminders. It is also unclear how or if Appointment Reminder can integrate with your point-of-sale system. Appointment Reminder doesn’t offer appointment rescheduling or online booking. If you’re looking for a software option with these features, Square Appointments would be a better fit.

What Users Think About Appointment Reminder

Reviews for Appointment Reminder are very positive. Users like how easy it is to set up and how the software integrates easily with other calendars.

Best Appointment Reminder Software for Phone Call Reminders: ReminderCall.com

ReminderCall.com is an appointment reminder solution provider that works with your existing scheduling software and spreadsheets, such as Excel and Google. As the name implies, ReminderCall.com offers customised phone call reminders. They also have automated text and email reminders.ReminderCall.com is the best choice for businesses that want phone call reminders because it is the only general industry software on our list to offer this feature.

ReminderCall.com Pricing

ReminderCall.com offers two pricing plans:

  • Standards – $14.50 per month
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing depending on the features you want to use

ReminderCall.com Features

ReminderCall.com offers customised text, email, and phone call reminders. The automated phone calls and text messages come from your business’ caller ID, so customers know to pick up. Customers can press a number to confirm the appointment or to connect with your business. Overall, ReminderCall.com is a good option for businesses that already have an appointment booking software they are happy with and want to offer phone call reminders.

Ease of Use

ReminderCall.com is very easy to use. It works with most scheduling software, like Book Fresh, Booker, Schedulicity, spreadsheets, EHRs, EMRs, and custom software. Reminders are sent automatically. Businesses can see all confirmations and replies on a live dashboard. Free technical support is also available. For customers, ReminderCall.com keeps track of opt-in and opt-out preferences for different contact methods.

Confirmation Methods

ReminderCall.com offers phone call and text reminders in the standard package. ReminderCall lets businesses record their own phone call reminders, use an automated voice, or a combination of both. ReminderCall.com has male and female automated voices available in English, French, and Spanish. ReminderCall.com and Stericycle are the only products on our list that offer phone call reminders.

Reminder Response Options

ReminderCall.com lets businesses program phone call reminders so that customers can press a number to confirm the appointment or another number to call the office. Customers can also respond to text confirmations. Their responses are sent to your email address, so businesses can view and respond. ReminderCall.com provides a dashboard so you can see the delivery status of confirmations and any responses.


ReminderCall.com works with most scheduling software and spreadsheets. They also offer free custom integrations for any software program that is not already on their list, so businesses can use just about any software with ReminderCall.com.

ReminderCall.com calls from your existing caller ID, so customers know to pick up.

What ReminderCall.com Is Missing

ReminderCall.com does not offer appointment rescheduling through the software. Customers will need to contact the business directly to change their appointment. If that feature is important for your business, consider Square Appointments.

What Users Think About ReminderCall.com

ReminderCall.com has great online reviews. Users like the program’s flexibility and two-way texting capability. The only negative feedback is that the set-up process can be confusing and some users had to rely on customer support to get things going.

Best Appointment Reminder Software for Larger Businesses: 10to8

10to8 is an appointment booking software that has built-in email and text reminders. 10to8 integrates with your website and appointment calendar for online booking. This software also integrates with payment processors and has live reporting. 10to8 is a great option for larger businesses because it has options for employee logins with customizable access levels, and can handle multiple employees, calendars, rooms, and locations.

10to8 Pricing

10to8 has tiered pricing based. It offers the following plans:

  • Small Business – free of cost
  • Basic – $9.6 per month; 100 appointments
  • Grow – $20 per month; 300 appointments
  • Bigger Business – $40 per month; 600 appointments
  • Enterprise – Custom quote; 100 appointments

Each tier includes unlimited two-way messaging with customers and unlimited text and email reminders. 

10to8 Features

10to8 has wide-ranging reminder capabilities. Through this tool, small and large businesses can send email and text reminders. It also offers appointment booking online, while facilitating online payments as well. It has a calendar sync feature which enables you to track all the appointments and booking easily, and avoid conflicts and double-booking. Through this tool, businesses can also conduct group bookings effortlessly. 

Ease of Use

10to8 is a customer friendly tool; however, some users take some time getting the hang of it. Notably, this app can be used on multiple devices, proving to be convenient for users. It also has billing and invoicing features, enabling a business to get paid at the time a booking is made. Furthermore, it offers staff login and faculty management, allowing businesses to streamline scheduling through strong internal collaboration.  

Confirmation Methods

10to8 offers interactive messages to customers; they can reply to it and confirm their appointments. 

Reminder Response Options

10to8 has several integrated confirmation methods. The clients can reply to reminders, request scheduling changes and even cancel appointments online. 


10to8 offers several third-party integrations including Gmail, Slack, Google Drive, MailChimp, HubSpot CRM and Pipedrive.

What 10to8 Is Missing

10to8 is primarily a calendar system with robust appointment reminder and communication tools built in. If you already have a calendar or appointment booking software that you are happy with, 10to8 is not a good fit for your business, because you will have to switch to their appointment scheduling software. Appointment Reminder or ReminderCall.com would be a better option because they work with your existing scheduling software.

What Users Think About 10to8

Overall, reviews for 10to8 are positive. Reviewers like that 10to8 has over several integrations. The most common complaints are that businesses cannot purchase additional appointments if they go over what is allowed in the plan. Also, the customer support team is located in the UK, so phone support is not convenient for some businesses located in the U.S.

Best Appointment Reminder Software for Holistic Health and Wellness Businesses: MINDBODY

MINDBODY is a business management software for health and wellness service companies that includes automated appointment reminders. MINDBODY has a consumer-facing app with over 35 million global users, which helps customers find, book, and keep track of appointments. Therefore, MINDBODY is the best choice for holistic health and wellness businesses such as spas, salons, and natural medicine providers.


MINDBODY offers the following pricing plans:

  • Essential – $129 per month 
  • Accelerate – $239 per month 
  • Ultimate – $349 per month 

MINDBODY is priced higher than other software programs because it includes many features beyond a basic reminder software.


This software is designed with the needs of a fitness business in mind. Accordingly, its system is flexible as it offers appointment scheduling and sending booking reminders through email as well as texts. Through this app, clients can book their fitness or exercise appointments online. On the other hand, businesses can manage their bookings, declare their availability, check-in customers and track employee schedules through this platform; all of this streamlines bookings for optimal advantages. With retail POS integration available, a fitness business can accept online payments and also set up recurring billing for repeat clients. 

Ease of Use

MINDBODY is a customer friendly product. It works on mobile phones so it is built like a regular app that helps not just clients discover fitness centres and book appointments, but it also provides such functions as staff management, group reservations, calendar sync, and confirmation alerts. 

Confirmation Methods

Through MINDBODY, businesses can send email as well as text reminders to customers. Furthermore, this app lists fitness businesses (as well as others such as those related to beauty and wellness). It works like a directory through which prospective clients can explore and discover businesses and book appointments online.

Reminder Response Options

MINDBODY offers 2 way texting that enables customers to confirm their appointments. They can also make scheduling changes online.


MINDBODY offers multiple useful integrations such as MailChimp, Google Calendar, Xero, Birdeye, Constant Contact, Google Analytics 360 and more.

What MINDBODY Is Missing

MINDBODY has a lot of features above and beyond just appointment reminders. It’s a whole business management system with appointment booking and marketing solutions. If you do not need or want those features, choose a software that is specified to just appointment reminders, like Appointment Reminder or ReminderCall.com. Likewise, if your business does not fall under the fitness, wellness, or beauty categories, you should not choose MINDBODY.

What Users Think About MINDBODY

Overall, MINDBODY is built for a very specific kind of business. If you fall under the holistic health and wellness category, MINDBODY has a sprawling number of features. However, some businesses have complained of a steep learning curve because the software is complex. It is also very expensive.

Best Appointment Reminder Software for Medical Practices: Stericycle Communications

Stericycle, formerly NotifyMD, is a communications solutions company that offers HIPAA-compliant automated appointment reminders and answering services. Stericycle offers phone call, text, and email reminders. Stericycle is the best appointment reminder software for medical practices because Stericycle follows HIPAA guidelines, integrates directly with your EHR, and provides an answering service for your office.

Stericycle Pricing

Stericycle solutions are quote-based, so there is no set pricing available. We estimate that the monthly costs start around $200 for a basic answering and messaging service with automated appointment reminders. Stericycle and MINDBODY are the most expensive appointment reminder software systems on our list and the only software that are designed for specific industries.

Stericycle Features

Stericycle offers customizable automated text, email, and phone reminders. Their automated messaging service can also be used to send follow-up reminders and billing reminders. Two-way messaging means that customers can confirm appointments through text or ask questions before their appointment. Stericycle also has answering services that can help patients book appointments or answer basic questions.

Ease of Use

Stericycle automatically syncs with your medical practice’s appointment software to send out reminders. Patients can respond to reminders with questions and confirm appointments with two-way messaging. All of these notes and confirmations can be viewed in the Stericycle dashboard. Overall, Stericycle is easy to use for businesses. For patients, Stericycle is easy to use because they can respond in the method that is most convenient for them.

Confirmation Methods

Stericycle offers phone call, email, and text notifications. The content of each notification can be customised based on the needs of your business. Businesses can also pick custom reminder schedules. Stericycle and ReminderCall.com are the only two appointment reminder software systems on our list that offer customised phone call reminders.

Reminder Response Options

Patients can respond to any of the text, email, or phone reminders to confirm appointments. If patients send a text or email response, it will appear in the Stericycle dashboard. Stericycle also offers an automated answering service, so patients can call the office back to confirm or reschedule appointments using an automated system.


Stericycle integrates with most popular Electronic Health Record systems (EHRs), including GE Healthcare, NextGen, AllScripts, and CureMD. Like most of the other appointments reminder software on our list, Stericycle pulls appointment information from your current scheduling system to send reminders.

What Stericycle Is Missing

Stericycle is very pricey and is meant for medical practices with large patient volumes. If you run a smaller practice, a non-medical business, or do not need extra features like an automated answering service, a less expensive reminder software such as ReminderCall.com or Appointment Reminder would be a better fit.

What Users Think About Stericycle

Stericycle, formerly NotifyMD, does not have many online reviews, and it is therefore hard to know what other users think about the product. We recommend that you contact the company directly with any specific questions or concerns.

Bottom Line

According to the Journal of Primary Care and Community Health, the two most common reasons for patients missing primary care doctor appointments are forgetting (35.5 percent) and miscommunication (31.5 percent). Reminder software is proven to help reduce missed appointments and no-shows, meaning your business will see an immediate return on investment. Effective appointment reminders also help provide your customers with great service, improving client loyalty and ultimately boosting your bottom line and market reputation. 

Sadaqat Ghafoor

Sadaqat Ghafoor

CEO & Founder @Remindax