Inside Remindax

Get to know who’s behind Remindax and the mission that drives us

I was asked this question several times, why we build Remindax?

There are other options available for setting up reminders. Google calendar is one of the most popular one. Then why Remindax?

Well, the real reason was not only to built a reminder application but to extend it to the next level. The functionality which others do not offer.

My small business was using excel spreadsheets to manage our company & employee’s data and document expiration dates. This was fine up to a limit and beyond that limit it becomes out of control. We have to open the excel spreadsheet almost everyday to look for upcoming expiration dates of various documents.

Unfortunately, what I found was only simple reminder software for small scale use. For instance, imagine setting up 500 reminders on Google calendar on one date and all at the same time. Moreover, there was no proper search & category system.

That was the reason I started Remindax for our own use.

Remindax is a simple way to organize your expiration documents in folders. Where they are easy to categorize and hence easy to find. Remindax has a very simple and comprehensive user interface. Most of our customers started using it without any training. The first look gives you a very clear understanding of what it is and how to get started.

No fancy stuffs. No complexity. Just exact features you need the most to stay organized.

Initially Remindax was used within our company, but later on we opened it for public use and everyone welcomed it. We always listen to our customers. Remindax has tremendously improved over the time by great suggestions of our valuable customers.

I must say that where we are today is due to the honest and most valuable feedback from our community worldwide.

So, go ahead and Signup Forever Free Account and email me directly for your suggestions.

Founder, Remindax