Here are some of the key features

Custom Fields

Customize fields as per your requirement. Add, edit or delete any field whenever you want.

Email Alerts

Get email alerts right in your email inbox. Setup alerts for your address book for people who matters to you.

SMS Alerts

SMS alerts are generated when your defined expiry date is near. SMS alerts are available for premium members only.

Find What's About to Expire

See what's about to expire. The Dashboard gives you a snapshot of what's happening with your expirations right now.

Calendar View

Get a snapshot on all of your upcoming expiration dates. Visual view gives you quick look on important dates.

Custom Document Types

Define your own types of documents such as passports, visa, driving license, contracts, warranties, tenancy documents and many more.


Your data is highly secured & encrypted by industry standard SSL.

File Attachments

Easily attach your document scan image for your reference. You can access it from anywhere.

Multiple Recipients

Reminders can be sent to multiple recipients. Just add recipients to your address book and each selected recipient will start receiving email/sms alerts.

Time Zone

Set your time zone to get Email/SMS alerts in your local time. You can also choose the alert time.

Import Data

Import large data from MS Excel. Just fill up the provided excel template & upload.

Export Data

Export your document data to MS Excel. Choose what to export in an easy way.