How to Choose Reminder Software for Your Small Business?

Reminder Software

Why reminder software is important?

Timely completion of tasks is vital for everyone, be it a small business or a big corporation. Missing on assignments and appointments can often cost you a lot of money, but that isn’t as bad as wrecking your business reputation. It can also make you suffer a loss as you could have booked another appointment or gig in the time window you’ve already wasted. Basically, if your organization or business is bad at time management and timekeeping, you may as well consider yourself ill-fated.

To make the loss caused by a small problem like missing an appointment can be calculated; according to a survey the rate of canceling an appointment or no show-up rate has reached up to 37.4%. Most of the service industries like medical, beauty or restaurant can confirm that missing appointments is not really all that rare at all, in fact, if you have 5 missed appointments a week that cost you $125 you’ll have suffered a loss big enough to hire another employee for a year! Estimated the amount of loss would be about $32,500 a year. The good news is that this loss can be avoided by using reminder software.

Now we are fully aware that deciding on reminder software isn’t the easiest job you’ll have many questions like;

  • Is reminder software really necessary?
  • What can it really offer?
  • How does it work?
  • Which reminder software to trust?

To get answers to these questions, the first thing you’ll need to know is what is it?

What is reminder software?

Reminder software is usually a computer application that enables small or big business to keep a track of all their upcoming events like; appointments, assignments due dates, scheduled meetings, official visits, etc. All you have to do is set up the reminders and go on about your business and the it will alert you at the right time.

The ultimate goal is to keep proper track of time and stay organized to make efficient use of time while generating a profit and maintaining the good reputation of your company.

Why does my business need reminder software?

Following are the reasons you should need a reminder software:

·       Staying on schedule:

The most crucial thing about any corporate dealing is being on time. Timely completion is the chief point of consideration when any businesses are working together. If your small business has to interact and work with another business it is vital that you stay on timetable. By keeping a track of your appointments and meetings you will stay managed and your business will work smoothly.

·       Maintaining a good reputation:

It is obvious that while dealing with any company or business you will want a smooth flow of communication and for that, your business will require a good reputation. Good repute is vital for every business and a business that is considered to be always late and a no-show for appointments and meetings cannot possibly have a good reputation, this is where reminder software makes your life easy with timely reminders so you never miss an appointment.

·       Timely completion of work:

Timely completion of work means that not only will your work be valued and paid for in time but also you will be able to work on newer assignments and stay organized. One of the fundamental uses of reminder software is to remind you of your assignment’s due date on time to help you stay systematic.

·       Generation of profit:

With the efficient and well-timed achievement of tasks, your organization becomes immune to failure, as discussed above, missed appointments and assignments can total up to ten and thousands of dollars to be lost yearly. Another thing to keep in mind is that when your tasks are done at the fixed time you get to have time for more tasks which leads to an increase in profit.

·       Backup and restoration of data:

Reminder software may have the feature of letting you upload your files along with attachments; these files can then be linked to your storage accounts and save the data in your secure drives like iCloud or Google drive.

How Does reminder software work?

In every person’s life there has been that one incident when you forgot about a big meeting because you were so engrossed in your work, and when you looked up you found your boss standing over your head and you wondered how could I have forgotten, well you’re not the only one! The busy office life can make keeping a track of time and tasks almost impossible and that is where reminder software comes in handy.

It helps you sort out your messy timeline and sort it out in a smooth chronological calendar that alerts you at the right time and saves you the trouble. All you need to do is input your reminder information and the rest is managed by the software.

What to look for in Reminder Software?

·       Email / WhatsApp / Text Reminder:

Very few software usually capable of sending Email WhatsApp and Text Reminders so you can’t miss out on any reminder.

·       File attachment feature:

Some reminder software also allows its users to attach their files like; photos, videos or documents to their reminders, this can be a helpful feature for the users.

·       Drive storage:

The reminder software also allows their users to save their data along with reminders and their attachments to storage drives like Amazon AWS cloud, iCloud or Google drive. This helps in the effective management of data as well as the updated storage of data.

·       Multi-user:

As the name suggests the multi-user feature allows the company to create multiple accounts on the reminder software and each user can set up their own reminders.

·       Reminder calendar:

The reminder calendar helps to create a chronological view of all your upcoming reminders which helps in determining the next reminder and work accordingly.

·       Ease of use:

It is recommended that whenever you select a reminder software make sure that it is of simple design and interface. Everyone prefer to use simpler and easier software that is user-friendly and easily manageable.

·       Price:

Make sure that you search enough reminder software before settling on one because by making a comparison is the only way you can be able to pick the best possible option for your small business. So, keep your price range in mind and only pick out the reminder software that does not become a heavy burden on your pocket.

·       Response option:

While looking for reminder software it is also essential to keep in mind that the software you pick has the feature of responding to the reminders so that appointments can be approved or rescheduled by the users with ease.

·       Reports and Analysis:

A good reminder software should be able to provide weekly or monthly insights while keeping a track of all the appointments that have taken place or will take place in the future.

Ways to pick the best Reminder Software:

·       Determination of company needs:

Find out how crucially your company requires reminder software. It is most likely that you will find it most helpful but make sure that this software subscription is a necessity.

·       Listing of available options:

Make a list of all reminder software available and suitable for you. By making a list you’ll be able to easily skim through the software and pick out the best suitable one that not only lives up to your standard but is also within your budget range.

·       Evaluation and opting the best possible option:

Pick out your favorite option of reminder software by marking off the list you’ve made earlier and decide on the best possible option.

·       Test running your pick:

Buy a trial package and give it a test run before subscribing. By giving a test trial to reminder software you will know exactly what you’re buying and whether or not is the reminder software really worth your money or not?

·       Assess your decision:

If it lives up to your expectations, you have found the perfect reminder software for your company.

After reading all the above information now you can easily select the best business reminder software for your small business. It can save you from missing assignments due dates, appointments, etc.  Pick one today and take huge advantages for your business.

Sadaqat Ghafoor

Sadaqat Ghafoor

CEO & Founder @Remindax