Data Transfer Software for Seamless Migration
& Bulk Import or Export

Migrate business documents and files from other systems without any hassle. Use CSV files to import and export your data in bulk.

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User Friendly

Migrating data is like a breeze with Remindax. We empower you to export data from a variety of platforms with a single click. All you have to do is download the required informaiton from a respective system in CSV format and upload it directly on the drive. It’s that simple.

Bulk Import

Import data in bulk with Remindax. Download data for reporting and analysis in a matter of seconds. We facilitate you with a process that’s simple and straightforward - making information readily available at your fingertips.

Complete Automation

Data migration and file transfer made simple with Remindax. The tool empowers you to automate the tedious and repetitive process of data entry and upload bulk data effortlessly in seconds.

Cloud Backup

Always be prepared with our data archiving solution. Minimize the risk of data loss with Remindax and never lose a file due to system failure, calamities or unforeseen workplace incidents. Create data backup and restore files easily when the need arises.

Data Security

Data holds critical importance for businesses and we understand that. Remindax ensures to keep your data secure throughout the migration process. We facilitate our users with enterprise-grade security and protect information from unauthorized access at all times.

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