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Store your files on Remindax Cloud Drive and conveniently attach any file
with your email reminders. The platform supports all types of files
(pdf, word, excel, pictures, zip files and videos)

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Reliable Storage and Fast Transfer

Attach files and folders with your reminder emails in the blink of an eye. Remindax facilitates you with simple, secure, and convenient cloud storage solutions.
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Remindax Drive
Remindax Drive

The Secure Solution for Your Business

Protect sensitive informaiton from unauthorized access and all unwanted eyes.
Take the security of your company’s data to the next level with Remindax’s business storage solution.

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Diverse File Formats

Remindax supports a variety of file formats - empowering you to upload and store different types of data ranging from documents to media files.

Easy Data Management

Remindax is an answer to all your data residency obligations. We facilitate you with seamless data management solutions - enabling users to manage data of different operational regions or localities from a single screen - securely and hassle-free.

Increase Followups at Scale

Remindax is the simplest, fastest reminder tool for SMBs to quickly and efficiently manage their expiration and due date reminders.

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